Privacy Policy

The contents in this page outline the manner in which we handle the visitors of this website and/or clients. By visiting any of the pages of this website and/or placing an order, you agree to adhere to this privacy policy. 

At, we value the privacy of the users of this website. For this reason, we have come up with guidelines that determine how we handle such privacy as presented below.

Definition of terms

Personal data – Means any information that can be used to identify a given user as an individual.

Personal data processing – Refers to all the activities that go into handling personal data such as collecting it, storing it, retrieving it, organizing it, transmitting and even erasing it.

Personal data consent– Means the informed decision of a user to allow this website to process personal data that relates to the given user.

Additional terms such as company, user, order, customer, client,, among others are as explained in the terms and conditions page.

Principles that guide our collection of private data

Honesty– This Company remains truthful to the user of this website. We are honest about the kind of personal data we collect, how we process it and the manner in which we use it.

Transparency –The user is entitled to a clarification if there is something that he/she does not understand about our privacy policy.

Simplicity– We use simple but effective techniques of collecting, retrieving and processing personal information.

Security– This Company has put the necessary measures to ensure that our users’ private data do not fall into the wrong hands during storage or dissemination.

Why we collect private data

To make it possible for us to process an order – Details such as a client’s contact information and name helps us to deliver the ordered product to the client.

For billing purposes – The personal information that we may collect from you helps us to confirm your identity and facilitate online payment. Such information may also help us to prevent fraud such as paying for our services using stolen cards.

Communication with our clients – Information such as contact details facilitate us in getting in touch with our clients.

Promotion and marketing – Personal information such as pages that the client visits frequently helps us to design and launch well-targeted marketing campaigns.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies to collect some information about the users. Please note that the use of cookies is voluntary. You have the right to either accept or decline the offer to use cookies on you. Your experience on this website might be negatively affected should you opt to decline cookies.

Sharing of personal data

This company does not share personal data without the informed consent of the respective user. While this is true, there are instances when we can share such data without such consent such as:

When we are compelled by the law to do 

When sharing the personal data after being aggregated- In such a form it becomes difficult to identify any specific user using such data.

Whenever the need to subcontract arises -We may share your personal data with our subcontracts to enable them fulfill your order.

Amendments to the contents of this page

This company reserves the right to modify any of the contents of this privacy policy without giving any user a prior notice.